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Volume Four  –  Selected Patterns from Literature

Published March 2018

Volume Four of The Transferware Recorder covers the following series related to literature:

Aesop's Fables series (Minton) "The Ages of Man" series (Dillwyn)
"Byron Gallery" (two different series) Cowper series (John Meir)
"Classical Antiquities" series (Clementson) Don Quixote series (Maker Unknown)
"The Drama" series (Rogers / Pountney) "Humphrey's Clock" series (William Ridgway)
"Paul and Virginia" series (William Smith & Co.) "Pickwick" series (John & Robert Godwin)
"Robin Hood" series (Bailey & Ball etc.) "Robinson Crusoe" series (Brownhills Pottery)
Scenes from Dickens series (T. & R. Boote) "Scott's Illustrations" series (Davenport)
Scott's Novels series (John & Robert Godwin) Tegg's Shakespeare series (Maker unknown)

There are also separate chapters dedicated to William Cowper and William Shakespeare, and a final chapter covering a range of individual patterns. Some of the series are well known but several are virtually unrecorded; some made for domestic consumption, others for the American market. Every known scene is listed, some titled, many identified, nearly all illustrated in colour. In many cases a source print from which the scene was copied is also recorded and illustrated. A comprehensive list of items is provided, along with references to illustrations elsewhere.

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Reynardine Publishing. ISBN 978-0-9926581-3-7. Published March 2018. Sewn paperback 240 x 170mm. 208 pages, 710 illustrations. Full colour.