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Volume One  –  Selected British Views

Published October 2013

Volume One of The Transferware Recorder covers the following series of British views:

Acorn and Oak Leaf Border series (Stevenson) “Antique Scenery” series (Boyle)
Bluebell Border series (Clews)  Briggs Views series
“British History” series (Jones)  Cheltenham series (Machin)
Cherub Medallion Border series (Herculaneum) Fruit and Barley Border series
“Irish Scenery” series (Elkins) Large Scroll Border series (Riley)
Light Blue Rose Border series (Griffiths, Beardmore & Birks) Minton Miniature series
Morning Glory Border series  Pineapple Border series (Meir)
States Border series (Clews) Tulip Border series

Some of these are well known, others virtually unrecorded; some made for domestic consumption, others for the American market. Every known view is listed, some titled, many identified, nearly all illustrated in colour. In many cases a source print from which the view was copied is also recorded and illustrated. A comprehensive list of items is provided, along with references to illustrations elsewhere.

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Reynardine Publishing. ISBN 978-0-9926581-0-6. Published October 2013. Sewn paperback 240 x 170mm. 176 pages. 579 illustrations. Full colour.